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7 Amazing styles of wearing kajal!

7 Amazing styles of wearing kajal!

7 Amazing styles of wearing kajal

Today’s blog is an enlightenment on the “7 amazing styles of wearing kajal!”.

A sneak- peek into the list of any woman’s handbag essentials will promptly reveal her unconditional love for black kohl or kajal. Every woman loves to flaunt their beautiful eyes and that’s where the kajal does the magic. Never let your eyes go empty when you have Oshea Herbals’ Mesmeric Eye Defining Kajal. Believe it or not, your eyes speak the most about yourself. Why not try and explore new styles of kajal when we are there to guide you to the path of magnificence?

Before we delve deep into the art of styling your eyes, know that your hands should be adept at creating flawless designs because eye-makeup demands perfection. To boost up your confidence, join in some makeup tutorials and get the best of lessons on the go.

7 Amazing styles of wearing kajal!

Smokey eyes

For a stylish yet bold look, you can definitely count on this astonishing smokey look. Apply kajal and use a smudger brush to smudge the upper and bottom lash lines perfectly. Merge your smudge with a dark eyeshadow and there you go stunning!! No doubt your smokey eyes will surely set fire.


Winged eyes

Winged eyes are back in fashion. Apply black kohl or kajal, paint wings, and extend them towards your temple. Use a smudger brush to smudge the edge of your eyelids. You can also hook on black eyeshadow to impart a smokey touch to your eyes. Winged eyes will let you fly higher no matter what.


Dark double-winged eyes

Double winged eye make-up is for exclusive occasions. If you are fond of this style, then draw a high-flying wing on the upper lash line while the lower lash line is given a downward stroke. This eye-makeup fantastically couples up with traditional attire. Go for it when ethnicity calls you.


Color variations

Dear ladies, walking out of the conventional zone is what makes you unique. We are all obsessed with black kohl, but what if you withdraw some other color from nature. How about imparting a brown touch? Make a thick line of kajal on your bottom lashes and smudge it a little. Deviating from the regular trend can give you a fresh and funky look.


Arabian style

Arabian style is undoubtedly one of the classiest options to cling to. It can make you look more glamorous than ever. Try extending the wings towards your temple and the bottom line towards inward corners. The bottom line should have a downward curve. Enjoy this scintillating Arabian look and get showered with compliments in manifolds.


Classic look

The classic look is for those who stick to look simple and sophisticated. This eye-kajal style goes with every single occasion. Simply accentuate the outer edges and feel the difference. Always know that beautiful eyes speak more eloquently than words.


Bold look

The bold look kajal is super alluring and perfect eye-makeup for night-outs and wedding invitations. Draw thick upper and bottom lines and smudge them. The look you get is sure to leave others inspired.

These days, it’s easier to find new styles on social media platforms. If you follow the latest updates of your favorite female celebrity, you might recognize how the fascination for kajal is rising high every day. The more you explore, the more you find that kajal or black kohl can be the best attire for your eyes.

As a special tip, never compromise on the quality of your kajal. Your eyes are your timeless treasure and the epitome of beauty. Count on us, Oshea Herbals to adorn you with the best quality kajal. Let your beautiful eyes be your identity forever.

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