6 Common Hair Problems And How To Fix Them


Most of us are leading a choppy lifestyle and are not able to invest time in a good hair care routine. Hence we are facing some mighty common hair problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, dull hair causing hair fall. Hair problems can arise through external problems as well as internal problems. A healthy diet or consumption of vitamins and supplements is also necessary to combat these common hair problems internally. Hair problems can’t be solved magically in a day; it takes some time and patience. Here are some major hair problems listed below and their solution too.

Common Hair Problems


Hair fall

Split ends

Damaged hair

Itchy scalp

Oily or greasy hair


Reasons: Sweat, product build-up

Both dry scalp and oily scalp can lead to dandruff. On dry skin, it is when the skin on the scalp peels off and creates flakes. On the other hand dusty atmosphere, sweat builds dandruff on our scalp. Not only women but also men face the dandruff problem majorly. We use a variety of products on our hair from shampooing to styling. All the products made of chemicals may give your hair a stylish look, but we often don’t clean our hair and scalp. That’s how the product residues make build-ups on the scalp and affect the scalp’s health, which causes dandruff. So, proper cleanup is required to get rid of dandruff.

Hair fall

Reasons: Dandruff, Stress, Lack of protein, Hormonal change

This has now become the everyday problem we face with our hair. Losing some hair doesn’t seem to be a great hair fall problem. But losing more than 50-100 strands a day is something that should bother you. The primary reason behind this is our lifestyle. As you just read about dandruff, it is one of the common reasons behind your hair fall. We work and work and work. Phew! That was quite hectic. Due to our busy work schedule, we tend to underestimate our health. So our body faces a lack of protein and other necessary vitamins. Stress is the new name of that evil which is stuck with our life. Imagine ourselves as Vikram and stress as Vetaal, only the right solution will keep away Vetaal (stress) from us. Another reason for hair fall can be hormonal change. It applies mostly in case of female while pregnancy, childbirth, birth control pills, menopause, etc. Hair fall problem is one problem that we can combat, but we have to keep in mind that hair regrowth must be encouraged following hair fall.

Split ends

Reasons: Lack of oil, Not trimming hair regularly

If your hair lacks moisture it can have split ends. Not oiling your hair will result in split ends to your hair. And your hair hates split ends. Blow drying, straightening, curling, etc. can dry up your hair. So watch out the next time when you are going to style your hair. Apply a good quality hair protectant to avoid split ends. Timely trimming is necessary to stop the spread of split ends to the hair shaft. If you don’t, you’ll eventually have to cut more hair.

Damaged hair

Reasons: Excessive hairstyling, UV rays, Humidity

Partying hard to forget all the stress? Excessive hairstyling, heat can lead to hair fall with time. Color and chemicals make our hair weak. Humidity and the strong UV rays also harm our delicate hair. Excess shampooing can also lead to dry hair and damage it. Enormous care has to be taken to keep your hair healthy and stylish at the same time.

Itchy scalp

Reasons: Dandruff, Dust, and dirt

In a dusty and dirty atmosphere, our skin and hair get affected very much. As we don’t rinse off our hair every day, dust and dirt continue to build up on our scalp. And this makes our scalp unhealthy and lead to common hair problems like an itchy scalp. Sweat aggravates the itchiness and irritation. Dandruff is also a reason why our scalp feels itchy all the time. Itchiness can get worsen with time, so take the necessary steps to fight itchy scalp.

Oily or Greasy hair

Reasons: Excess sebum, Pollution

Hair being oily or greasy isn’t a problem at all. But it needs proper or extra cleaning. Over-production of sebum makes our hair oily, there is nothing much to do with this. But pollution makes our hair and scalp sweaty, dirty. This leads to hair problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, and hence hair fall. So do proper cleansing of your hair regularly and follow the hair care routine.

The solution to common hair problems

Hair fall problem can be permanent or temporary, so better find out a permanent solution to be ahead of the common hair problems.

This was where we talked about the common hair problems we face in our everyday life. Now is the time for the ultimate solution to those problems!

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