5 Wondrous Winter Hair Care Tips To Combat Dry And Dull Hair

What is stopping you to flaunt your hair in winter? The cold, dry weather? Don’t let the chilly weather ruin your hair care game. Just like the skin, the hair also needs to be protected from cold to stay soft and healthy. Low temperature and cold weather can affect the hair in several ways. To win over the situation, you just need to tweak your hair care routine a bit. Try these winter hair care tips to combat dry and dull hair.

Winter hair care tips: Combat dry and dull hair

Put up a hat

This winter hair care tip is the one everyone going to love as wearing a hat is a style statement of winter. Whether you are bae, or a guy, you have to admit that you would love to wear a hat during the winter. As it protects from cold weather and also adds a wow factor to the style game. And it shields the hair from the moisture-robbing dry air. 

Keep a humidifier in the home

We tend to use a heater indoors during the winter months. But that causes the air of the room to become very dry and moisture-pulling out of your hair. So, keep a humidifier in the place where you mostly stay. As humidifiers help rehydrate the air to keep the hair locks looking lustrous. 

Get your hair regularly trimmed

Trim your hair every four to eight weeks to maintain hair health. Trim a half-inch from the bottom to reduce the chances of developing split ends, which tends to occur especially in winter. 

Don’t give a hot shower to hair

Even you long for a hot shower in the winter when it’s freezing outside, but hot water can steal moisture from your hair making it brittle and more vulnerable to breakage. Though you wash your hair with lukewarm water or take hot steam during a hair-spa, follow with a cool rinse afterward.  

Avoid heat in styling your hair

The best way to dry your hair is to let it dry naturally. Blow-dry or straightening your hair draws the moisture out of your hair. When your hair is already delicate during the winter, heat styling can aggravate the issue. Keep your hand away from the heat styling tools while winter. You can try out different hairstyles like braids, buns, twists alternatively in the winter. 

Don’t walk out with wet hair

Take time to dry your hair at home. As wet hair is more prone to freeze and break. So, try not to go outside without letting your hair dry.

Give your head a ‘Champi’

Who doesn’t love a head massage or a champi? Getting a head or scalp massage feels heavenly. Massage your scalp with a hair oil or hair vitalizer frequently to restore or retain a healthy scalp. Also, oil the hair strands to replenish the moisture and protect your hair. 

Avoid frequent hair washes

Avoid unnecessarily washing your hair as it makes your hair drier. Overwashing will strip off the natural oil the scalp produces. Washing 2-3 days a week is enough during the winter. Another alternate way to this is dry shampoo. It does the same work and keeps your hair smell and look fresh. 

Provide a deep condition once a week

Your hair seeks a deep condition at least once a week. Moisturizing is the name of the winter hair care and skincare game. Just like weekly face masks, weekly hair masking is also crucial. Hair masks are easy to use and are significant to combat dry hair.

Combat static hair with a leave-in treatment

Static hair is a common occurrence that happens during winter. Try lightly swiping on a dryer sheet over your static hair to keep them in place. But this is a temporary short term solution. Go for a leave-in treatment to keep the static hair calm. 

Opt for silk

As the silk looks luxurious, it feels luxurious. Silk is a good fabric for your hair. Choose a pillow cover made of silk fabric. You can use this not only in winter but for round the year also.

Stay hydrated

Eating healthy and drinking healthy is a must in winter. We feel less thirsty in winter, so we lag behind the hydration. So drink enough water in the winter as the body needs hydration in winter also. Alternatively, you can load up on juicy fruits, as the juice can also maintain the hydration level of the body. 


So much winter hair care tips to make your hair look healthy in winter too. Are you ready then to win the hair care game? Bring it on! Follow the Oshea Skincare Guide to stay updated with awesome beauty tips. 


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