5 Common Myths On Wearing Sunscreens

5 Common Myths On Wearing Sunscreens

5 Common Myths On Wearing Sunscreens :

Sunscreens lie indispensable when you choose your skin health over artificial beauty. The benefits of sunscreens are almost known to everyone but what’s still loitering on the list are the long-adopted, ignorant myths on them.

Myths are like gate crashers. They are never invited but once entered, myths will accompany you for life-long. So, today, let’s break these conventional myths on sunscreens and ensure that those who have been careless about not putting on sunscreens before going out resort to using them.

5 Common Myths On Wearing Sunscreens:

# MYTH 1

Say NO to sunscreens on cloudy days

I am pretty sure that you can connect yourself to this. Cloudy mornings reduce an agenda from your skincare routine – wearing sunscreens. But to enlighten you with some wondrous facts, sunscreens are a must-wear whether there is bright sunshine or torrential rain. The harmful UVA and UVB rays penetrate your skin through the clouds. Do not make cloudy days an excuse to keep your sunscreen untouched. Apply them whenever you go out.

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# MYTH 2

Higher the SPF longer the protection

A commonplace myth on sunscreen is that consuming a higher SPF can shield us from the sun for an extended period. But SPF numbers denote the percentage of protection a sunscreen can offer against the harmful UVA & UVB rays. Try reapplying sunscreens every two hours if you are exposed to the sun. For longer protection of your skin, increase the frequency of sunscreen application.


# MYTH 3

Sunscreens prevent skin cancer

The truth that we are here talking about might dishearten you. If you believe that your sunscreen can block 100 % UVA & UVB rays, then you are wrong. Not a single sunscreen in the world can assure to protect your skin fully from ultraviolet or infrared rays, even if it carries a higher SPF. Exposure to the sun always places a risk for skin cancer. Therefore, the skin health experts suggest that you carry an umbrella or wear hats, put on shades for maximum protection. Also, try avoiding stepping out of your home during 12 – 2 p.m.

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# MYTH 4

Body parts exposed to the Sun can develop skin cancer

Never dwell in this myth that only exposed parts of your body can cause skin cancer. What dermatologists reveal is that – your body parts that are constantly getting exposed to the sun are more likely to develop skin cancer. But that does not reduce the chances of getting affected in the other parts as well. Once you notice any unusual spot on the skin, walk up to your doctor for a prompt solution.

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# MYTH 5

People with dark complexion does not require sunscreen

It is assumed that dark skin has more melanin content which protects them from extreme sun damage, so they do not require a regular sunscreen shield. The layer of melanin cannot protect any dark skin from UVA rays. If you tend to avoid using sunscreens, then it’s better to enlighten you that you can suffer from premature aging or wrinkles and fine lines. Protect your skin as much as possible with your favorite sunscreen.

Sunscreens are extremely crucial for your skin. In modern times, we can also find sunscreen content even in makeup. Here we present a list of sunscreens by Oshea Herbals that will not only protect you from the sunbeams but result in optimum nourishment of your skin. Switch to using UV Shield MattifyingGel-cream SPF 45, UV Shield sunblock cream SPF 30, UV Shield sunblock spray SPF 40, UV Shield sunscreen lotion SPF 25 for obtaining healthy-looking skin.

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Break the myths with facts. Sunscreens contribute greatly to your skin nourishment. Your facial skin is the most sensitive part of your body. Browse more, scrutinize, read through the facts, and then choose any skin product for yourself. Let your face be the bearer of your inner beauty. Explore Oshea Herbals for more such skin-enlightening facts.


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