5 Best Ways To Remove Blemishes From Your Skin

5 Best Ways To Remove Blemishes From Your Skin

5 Best Ways To Remove Blemishes From Your Skin

Today’s blog will enlighten you on the 5 Best Ways To Remove Blemishes From Your Skin.

Don’t be upset if your skin has the most stubborn blemishes because you are not the only one in this world who wants to get rid of them. We all love to possess flawless skin but blemishes won’t let you have that. Then what’s the solution? Simple. Switch over to some effective home remedies that can nourish your skin as well as put an end to all the unnecessary marks and acne.


Why do blemishes occur?

Blemishes occur due to excess oil production. As the aftermath of acne and pimples, what is left are those scars and marks. The skin pores often get clogged with dead skin cells that cause blemishes. Pimples and acne disappear but leave behind stubborn blemishes. Let’s figure out the easiest yet best possible tricks to lighten these skin blemishes quickly.

5 Best Ways To Remove Blemishes From Your Skin

What are the effective remedies?

Blemishes do not vanish automatically. You need to know the magic to lighten these marks and scars and develop blemish-free skin. You don’t need to browse much when Oshea Herbals is here to guide you with the best possible suggestions.


  • Egg white – The most kitchen-friendly ingredient is an egg. So you can always avail the magical properties of egg white to sustain blemish-free beauty for your skin.  Apply the egg white portion to your skin with a brush or with your hands delicately. Cover up the blemishes with the ingredient and let dry. Then wash off with cold water. This remedy can earn your flawless skin within a couple of days. So, do not think twice but just try it out.
  • Rice water – Rice water helps in fading hyperpigmentation and dark spots. They also help in brightening the skin complexion. Rice water decreases melanin production which ultimately helps in obtaining glowing skin.
  • Aloe vera –  Aloe vera has always been beneficial to our skin for ages. Aloe vera cures acne and pimples. Its major content, polysaccharides renew cell regeneration and fades out scars and blemishes actively.

If you have an aloe vera plant in your lawn or balcony garden, borrow a leaf from it and squeeze the gel as much as possible. With much care and attention, massage the gel particularly on the blemishes. Try this continuously for a month and notice the glazing changes too.


  • Tomato juice – Did you know that tomatoes are rich in vitamin c and antioxidants.? Acne opens the skin pores while tomato juice shrinks them. Their astringent quality contains magical healing properties and clears out blemishes and scars. The lycopene content in tomatoes ensures removing dark spots and pigmentation. 

Tomatoes are sure to find their way into your vegetable bucket. So draw out the juice and apply it carefully to your acne marks and blemishes. Keep applying this for a month and obtain visible results easily.


  • Honey – The benefits of honey are as sweet as its taste. Honey helps in lightening the scars.  Its anti-inflammatory properties will help your skin to revitalize. A teaspoon of honey can make all the difference in your skin. Apply it on your blemishes and get the benefits soon.


If you have a packed schedule and want to count on market products to deal with your blemishes and spots, here is a list of herbal products by Oshea Herbals to astonish you with their benefits. For treating your blemishes and pigmentation, you can rely on the Papaya face wash, Papayaclean Anti-blemishes Gel, Papayaclean Anti-blemish cream for better results.

Loving yourself reflects when you take care of your skin. If blemish-free, flawless skin is what you long for, you are just at the right spot. Follow our suggestions and shine on with Oshea Herbals forever!!

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