5 Amazing Facts About Hand Sanitizer

5 Amazing Facts About Hand Sanitizer

5 Amazing Facts About Hand Sanitizer

Have you noticed that your lifestyle has changed over the months? Your diet, clothing, cleaning, everyday essentials have undergone a torrential wave of change? But why? What is this change for? Is it casual or compelling?

Well, the answer is known to all. Perhaps, we are going through the most trying time in life. The whole world has unified to battle the most vicious genre of virus – Coronavirus.

The surge in Covid-19 infection has resulted in an increased demand for hand sanitizers. People are mostly into rubbing sanitizers from time to time without properly following the guidelines as formulated by WHO. Let’s figure out how much protection does a hand sanitizer actually provides and what are its limitations people hardly know about. So, let’s know about “5 Amazing Facts About Hand Sanitizer”.

5 Amazing Facts About Hand Sanitizer

MYTH vs FACT 1- hand sanitizers and soaps are equally effective against germs and viruses.

Considering the current pandemic situation, people are aware to carry sanitizers everywhere they go. As per the instructions given by WHO, these invisible germs and viruses are more likely to reside on exposed steel surfaces like doorknobs, staircase handles, bus rods, metro polls, etc. you can notice how extra cautious people are squeezing an amount of fluid every 2 minutes hoping that will shield them from contagious infections.

 But unfortunately, you are mistaken. According to CDC(THE CENTRES FOR DISEASE CONTROL), researchers articulate that alcohol-based hand sanitizers don’t effectively kill viruses rather they are getting immune against the chemical composition of these sanitizers. 

Viruses like cryptosporidium or norovirus are still powerful enough to survive after sanitizers are rubbed on them. So, it’s always advisable to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20seconds, emphasizing in between the finger gaps. Sanitize your hands only if there is no soap and water available.

MYTH vs FACT 2 – The percentage of alcohol content in your sanitizer.

Whenever we open up any television channel, the constant display of sanitizers has incorporated this notion in us that every sanitizer should have alcohol content ranging from 60-95 %. The CDC declares that this special formulation of hand sanitizers can kill germs, bacteria, and viruses in a larger amount. While those with less than 60% alcohol base can weaken the growth of germs but do not bet with assured killing.

MYTH vs FACT 3 – Excess use of sanitizer can cause skin irritation

It’s a common misconception that excess use of hand cleansers might cause skin irritation, but this is an impractical concept. Of course, the formulation does matter. If the alcohol content is really high, then you might experience the harshness of it on your skin while repeating its uses. But sanitizers are being made with an advanced formula where the moisture of your skin will be restored along with fulfilling the purpose of germ destruction.

MYTH vs FACT 4 – Creating ‘SUPER-GERMS’

What are super-germs? Super-germs are varied strains of bacteria, viruses, or fungi that are resistant to antibiotics or other forms of medication. It is believed that even after sanitizing the leftover germs evolve to create a new strain that barely can be treated with powerful medicines. But knee-deep research reveals that ethyl alcohol, the most active ingredient used in almost every sanitizer destroys the cell membrane and the protein sheath. Therefore, you can leave your worries. Sanitizers do not give birth to so-called ‘super germs.

MYTH vs FACT 5 – Effective on Transient Germs?

Categorically, there are two types of germs – a. Resident organisms b. Transient organisms. 

Resident organisms are those residing in every layer of our skin while transient organisms are transmissible and usually, acquired from touching contaminated surfaces. Now, the question is how far can we decrease the number of transient organisms in our bodies. A thorough study reveals that sanitizers reduce transient organisms on your hand. So cleansing your hands will certainly help you maintain hygiene.

Right now, the entire Nation is battling against an enemy invisible to us. Follow the mandatory health instructions regularly. Do not panic and help the needy. Either it’s washing your hands or sanitizing, make your hygiene list and follow them. After all, “A family that prays together stays together”.


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