4 Ways To Remove Winter Tan

4 Ways To Remove Winter Tan

This blog educates you on the 4 ways to remove winter tan.

Now that you’re back from a long winter vacation at a hill station, and you see yourself all tanned and brown like a berry, don’t be shocked. You may have been on a holiday, but there’s still the sun out there, peaking at you, ready to give you some real deep tan. Also, some research says, snow is also expected to reflect 80% of the UV radiation compared to 10 to 15% on the beach from water or sand. Now that you’re wiser from the experience and the sunscreen will always come along on a holiday, you still have to lose that tan.

It is nearly impossible to avoid the sun, like how do we do that when we are benefited from it too? However, we can avoid the suntan. 

4 Ways To Remove Winter Tan:

Cooling cubes: to form a de-tanning solution, mix cucumber juice, lemon juice, and rose water. Dip a ball of cotton into the solution and rub it on the neck and shoulders over the ears and tanned regions. In cucumbers, the bioactive compounds help reduce sunburn and nourish the skin. Rosewater is also incredibly soothing and helps to cool down the sunburned areas of your skin.

Papaya fix: to make a paste that can be added to tanned areas, blend a teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of fresh mature papaya extracts. In papayas, the enzyme papain helps to lighten tanned skin. Dark honey contains antioxidants that lessen the effects of exposure to the sun.

Sour curd: a lot of you may wonder if it is good or bad to apply curd on your face. As soon as you are back from a long sunny day, you can recall your mother or grandmother asking you to add curd. I’m sure we all have that gram flour and curd paste remedy in our memories. 

When it comes to brightening the skin, sour curd is truly a blessing. Not only is it helpful for tan reduction, but it also makes the skin smoother.

Take a dish of sour curd and apply it to your face and other tanned areas. You can even add a pinch of turmeric or gram flour into it. Leave it for half an hour, and wash it off with lukewarm water.

Tomato and sandalwood: another outstanding ayurvedic ingredient to remove tan is sandalwood or Chandan. The sandal also serves as a treatment for wrinkles, black spots, and several other skin disorders. 

Tomato is considered to be the best ingredient for tan removal because it is filled with antioxidants that are high in minerals and vitamins. 

Hence, the combination of these two into a paste can work like a wonder on your skin, helping you get rid of suntan, and it also soothes a sunburn by reducing the redness. 

During winters tanning is almost difficult to resist. But it may be beneficial to take the proper steps to remove the tan and periodically lighten the face. Around the same time, exposure to sunlight is similarly important for your skin as it then produces vitamin d, or what you term the sunshine cholesterol vitamin. So, there are fewer chances of you avoiding the sun. 

What Oshea Herbals team believes is that nature has the secret to the ultimate core of beauty. Winter tan can be stubborn at times, but it is necessary to de-tan yourself and sustain a glowing, healthy, and radiant look. Follow our suggestions and we ensure that your skin will gain youth, elasticity, and firmness. Remember, beauty boosts confidence.


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