4 Steps To Say Goodbye To Split Ends

4 Steps To Say Goodbye To Split Ends

This blog tells us 4 steps to say goodbye to split ends.

There’s no doubt that even Rapunzel, widely known for her long, thick, luscious hair used to get split ends. Come on, now let’s face it. Split ends are natural but fixing them can be difficult once they are frayed. So, let’s take precautionary steps and prevent our hair from getting further split ends.

What are Split Ends?

We all know that our hair strands find their origin in their roots. To be precise, our hair ends get mostly exposed to the outside environment. They endure the severe winds, scorching heat, moisture-laden raindrops, and whatnot? This causes fraying and multiple split-ends, not only at the edge of your hair but in the middle or top of the strand as well.

What causes split ends?

Split ends are nothing but an indication of your damaged hair. There are a plethora of reasons to justify the cause of split hair but you need to figure out which one is yours. Remember, split ends can bring more harm to your hair if not treated on time. So, get a little careful this time.

  • Styling your hair – Who does not want to flaunt her beautiful hair? But using hair straighteners, hairdryers, curling irons, and hot rollers can bring down the ultimate catastrophe – multiple split ends. Too much heating disrobe your hair from moisture and makes your hair prone to breakage and split ends.
  • Get rid of excess oils – Oiling your hair is important. But do you know what excess oil can do to your hair? It causes seborrheic dermatitis, a medical condition that gives rise to red, scaly patches on the scalp and along with stubborn dandruff and split ends.
  • Chemical treatments and wrong hair products – Chemical treatments like bleaching or coloring your hair can never safeguard your hair. Added to these, resorting to the wrong hair care products can gank away all the necessary moisture from your scalp. No need to mention that dryness is one of the important reasons for split ends in your hair.
  • Friction – This sounds interesting. Isn’t it? You might wonder how is friction related to your hair-splitting? Often fabrics are not good friends for your hair. You use scarves, hats, rest on pillows, dry your hair with towels and there it causes friction, a constant rubbing. This situation leads to hair damage or split ends. So, be aware folks!!

4 steps to say goodbye to split ends:

The ultimate solution we want to seek is how to prevent split ends. The techniques are easy but you have to be mindful while you read them.

  • Trim your hair regularly every 6 to 8 weeks. This stops the split-ends from growing further. Until you cease those split ends from growing, they will keep splitting up to the hair shafts.
  • Be gentle while you handle your hair. After bathing, don’t comb wet hair as the hair strands become more susceptible to breakage. Use soft cotton towels to dry down your hair and a broad-teeth comb to detangle your hair strands. This can avoid hair strangling and split-ends.
  • Use hair care products that provide nourishment. Cut down on chemical-based shampoos, conditioners, serums and resort to products made mostly with natural ingredients and are toxin-free. Maintain your own hair care routine. Prepare homemade hair masks if needed.
  • Say no to the hairstyling kit as much as possible. Keep your hair styling tools like hair straighteners, hairdryers, curling irons locked in your wardrobe. They ultimately threaten the health of your hair. Even while using them, lower the heat if possible.

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