10 Tips on How To Treat Acne Naturally

How long have you been fighting to treat acne on your skin? Once you hit puberty, your body goes through a lot of changes that lead to eruptions on your skin, especially on your face. In humid weather conditions, it is even more difficult to cure. Acne is a result of the clogging of skin pores due to excess sweating and oil secretion by your glands. We try several remedies to get rid of them. However, it feels like a never-ending problem.  If you wish to cure your acne from the root, any one remedy will never work. There are a lot of external as well as internal factors that lead to acne formation. Instead of randomly experimenting with different products or ingredients, you need to follow a procedure for a few months to get actual results.  Anything that you apply on the skin is absorbed by the body. Hence, for a safe treatment, you should use only natural skincare products and ways to cure and maintain your skin.

Steps to Treat Acne

Cleanse your face thrice a day

The first step to maintaining your skin is keeping its pores clean. In an environment having high levels of humidity and pollution, our pores get clogged and infected by sweat and dirt. Hence, you should cleanse your face in the morning, in the evening, and at night. The best face cleanser you can use for oily and sensitive skin is a neem face wash. Neem leaves have antiseptic and anti-fungal properties that act as a remedy against acne. When absorbed by the body, it purifies the blood, boosts the immune system, and brings a glow to your skin. Even charcoal face wash controls oil and acne.

Apply skin toners

Toners cleanse the oil and impurities on your skin and prevent further penetration by tightening the gaps between skin cells. The best toner suited for oily, acne-prone skin is tea tree toner. Tea tree has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that reduce oil secretion and fights acne. When absorbed by the body, it detoxifies your body. After cleansing your face, you should apply some toner on your face with cotton at least twice a day to obtain the best results. Oshea Herbals Tea Tree Toner is one of the best skin toners for oily skin.

Keep your body hydrated

While it is important to prevent excess oil secretion, it is also important to ensure the water level in your body is maintained. Water is an essential element for the detoxification of the body. Having lots of water during the day is essential for the purification of your skin. Additionally, you must apply moisturizer made for oily skin on your face twice a day that penetrates more water into your skin. Products like skin gels and serums are also water-based that hydrate your skin and body on application. Anti-acne and pimple gel made of neem keeps your body hydrated and fights acne and germs causing it too. Applying anti-acne neem serum just before sleeping gives faster results as it penetrates deep into the skin to cure acne.

Protect yourself from the sun

The UV rays of the sun cause a lot of irritation when penetrating into the body. It generates heat, leading to eruptions on the skin. Always apply sunscreen before you step out during the day. However, you must be careful while purchasing a sunscreen too. If you have oily skin, you cannot use a sunscreen that has a cream base. A sunscreen gel is more appropriate for oily skin as it gives protection from the sun and penetrates water into the skin too.

Use a face pack twice a week

Face packs penetrate deep into the skin and absorb all impurities in it, thereby making your skin glow once you wash it off. It also absorbs excess oil from the skin. They act as deep cleansers. If you apply a neem face pack even just on your pimples, you will obtain instant results.

Maintain a healthy diet

Oily foods, processed foods, alcohol, white sugar, and dairy products are bad for oily and sensitive skin. In order to maintain healthy skin, your diet should have a good balance of fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, pulses, nuts, grains, and juices. Oranges, apricots, tomatoes, carrots, and beans are very good for the skin. Foods rich in Vitamin A, Zinc, and Omega fatty acids fight acne, control oil secretion, and detoxify your body.

Do NOT touch your pimples

We are often tempted to burst our pimples with our own fingers. Touching your pimples will only spread the infection to every part of the body you touch with your finger and leave scars on your face. Your hands too contain germs and touching your pimples will only increase the possibilities of spreading the infection all over your face. Your chin is one of the most highly acne-prone areas of the face and hence you should avoid keeping your hands on it.

Remain stress-free

An increase in stress levels also generates heat and hormonal imbalances in the body leading to excess oil secretion and irritation of the skin. Ensure you get proper sleep at night and keep calm during the day. Exercising early in the morning and in taking fresh air is not only good for reducing stress levels, but it also detoxifies your body through sweat.

Be careful with your hair products

What you apply on your hair penetrates into the body through your scalp. Hair sprays and gels contain alcohol which causes irritation to the skin. Also, hair oil should be avoided when you have oily skin. Always use natural hair care products to avoid any chemicals being absorbed by your scalp. If your hair requires nourishment, you can use a herbal vitalizer and serum that do not have an oily base.

Be careful with your makeup

Makeup clogs the pores on your skin. Hence, you should apply moisturizer on your face before you apply any makeup. Also, before you go to sleep, make sure you clean your makeup with cotton and cleanser. Your skin must breathe when you are asleep.  So taking care of your skin not only involves the treatment, but it also involves taking precautions in order to avoid further eruptions. Treating your skin with natural products is not the only risk-free, it also improves the fitness of the body as herbs contain several nutritional values.

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