05 Homemade Face Masks For Winter

05 Homemade Face Masks For Winter

This blog gives you a detailed idea of 05 Homemade Face Masks For Winter.

Winter is no doubt fascinating with its cold, desolate evenings evoking nostalgia. But when it comes to your skin health, the arrival of winter in itself is a warning. Better be cautious before your skin succumbs to the harshness of the season, dirt and pollution, quintessential skin conditions like acne, pimples, eczema, psoriasis, etc. Even your skin experiences extreme dryness, and itchiness during this time that contributes greatly to skin aging.

Today’s blog discusses the advantages of homemade face masks enriched with multiple skin benefits. Face packs are usually rejuvenating and ensure detoxifying your skin from within. The regular hustle-bustle of life often fills your skin with fatigue and unwanted impurities. For clear, glowing skin, face packs are greatly effective and suitable for every skin type. Let’s look at the benefits of using face masks:-

  • Face masks help in improving the skin’s overall skin texture, add smoothness and shine.
  • Face masks cleanse the skin from within by eradicating the dirt particles, excess oil, impurities, and dead skin cells.
  • Face masks also help in improving blood circulation. While you leave the pack to tighten up on your skin, it causes expansion of the blood vessels.
  • It also does a great job of unlocking the blocked pores.
  • Face masks have a great role to play in accelerating the growth of new skin cells.

05 Homemade Face Masks For Winter are below: 

  • Coffee Mask – Coffee mask is effective for treating skin problems like acne, eczema, and other skin infections. Coffee contains caffeine and CGA that reduce skin inflammation, unclog pores, and help in skin brightening.

Mix 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds, cocoa powder, honey, and milk in a bowl. Stir it well for 2 minutes until the aroma of coffee tempts you. Apply the face mask uniformly over your face and keep it for at least 15 minutes. Let the mask dry and the ingredients penetrate deep into the skin pores. Repeat this process twice a week. Notice how your skin becomes radiant and beautiful.


  • Banana and milk face pack – Banana and milk face pack is a great solution to dry and patchy skin problems. Banana is rich in Vitamin A that hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturized while milk enriched with lactic acid, vitamin A, D, E, and K helps to fade out dark spots and acts as a wonderful cleanser.

Mash one whole banana and add 1 tablespoon of milk to it. Mix them well. Now apply the pack on your skin and leave for 20 minutes. Wash it off with normal water. You’ll notice the results in a fortnight.


  • Aloe vera and sandalwood face pack – Even today, sandalwood is believed to be majestic for your skin. Its lingering aroma and essence will surely hypnotize you before you are aware of its benefits. The presence of rich antioxidants in sandalwood helps to prevent wrinkles and lightens skin tone. Aloe vera moisturizes the skin and fights sunburn and signs of aging.

Take 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel, 1 tablespoon of honey, and 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder. Make the pack thorough enough to apply. Keep for 15 minutes and rinse with water. Apply the mask twice a week and enjoy the results.


  • Carrot and honey face pack – You’ll stick to using honey once you know the wonders it can do to your skin. Carrot contains beta-carotene that lightens dark patches in your skin while honey helps to moisturize deeply and removes the layer of dead skin cells.

Take one peeled pureed carrot. Mix with one tablespoon of honey and mix well. Then apply the pack to your face and neck. Let it remain for 15 minutes and rinse with water. Use this pack twice a week and your skin is bound to brighten up.

  • Curd face pack – Curd is enriched in lactic acid and hydroxy-acid that results in effective exfoliation. Mix a tablespoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of curd, and a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and apply to your face and neck. Keep the pack for 20 minutes and rinse with water. The curd face pack if applied twice a week can get rid of impurities, and prevent acne formation.

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