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Amla, also known as the Indian gooseberry has an overabundance of benefits to offer for health of skin and hair.  Due to its medicinal properties, it has been used in Ayurveda for centuries. Amla is also an edible fruit with the abundance of Vitamin C and tannins.  It contains the goodness of flavonoids,  gallic acid and kaempferol. It is rich in anti-oxidants which enhances the texture of hair.  This amazing medicinal herb was explored centuries back and is a beauty miracle everyone swears by.


·       Massaging amla oil into your scalp is the best remedy to get rid of hair loss. It boosts the natural blood circulation. Massaging amla oil not only provides nourishment to the hair, it also boosts hair growth.

·       Vitamic C is the biggest contributor towards hair loss and breakage. Amla is an excellent source of Vitamin C. The easiest way to regain healthy hair is by applying amla juice into the scalp.

·       One of the best remedies to get rid of flaky and dry skin is to use amla. It penetrates deep into the hair and nourishes it from within.

·       Amla is bountiful in essential fatty acids that strengthens and gives luster to the hair.

·        Amla stimulates hair growth due to its high carotene and iron content.

·       In order to enhance the natural colour of tha hair, mix amla powder with henna powder.



 Include amla in your daily diet

Apart from applying amla into the scalp, amla must be consumed to achieve nourishment and health from within.  Eating a few pieces of amla on a daily basis can do wonders. It promotes hair growth, improves the condition of the scalp and prevents graying of hair.

Since amla is a seasonal fruit, the best way to extract its goodness is to include amla powder daily in your diet. A spoonful of amla powder every day can totally enrich your hair with health and shine.

Amla juice can also be consumed every day for getting even better results.


Amla oil for hair growth

In a pan heat olive/coconut oil and add 2 spoons of amla powder to it.  Heat the oil until it turns brown. Turn off the flame and let the oil cool down.  Collect the oil in a bowl and apply it your scalp and hair.  Massage the amla oil for 15 minutes in your hair. Let the oil stay for another 30 minutes.  Once you are done, rinse it off using an organic shampoo.

This remedy must be sought for thrice a week to spot the difference.  The coconut oil penetrates deep into your scalp and nourishes your hair.  It seeps deep into the hair shafts with the goodness of amla.  Due to its anti-bacterial properties, this amla- coconut oil helps maintain scalp health.

Olive oil is also a natural conditioner and makes the hair soft and manageable.  It hydrates the hair and helps to solve issues of breakage and split-ends.


  Taking care of hair is no doubt a tedious task! But with amla at the reach of your hand, you can get gorgeous hair in no time. Instead of resorting to chemical loaded hair products, it is time you pamper your hair with the goodness of amla.





Nature is bountiful in plenty of resources that work wonders on skin, hair and health.  The incredibly beneficial aloe vera plant has been used as a herbal remedy since ages. Not only does it nourish the body from within, it also provides beneficial nutrients, boosts immune system and aids in digestion.  Aloe vera can be used daily to accentuate the health of body, skin and hair. Its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties treat multiple skin and health issues.  Aloe vera plant is not just a decorative plant inside home, it is the core of a million dollar industry that ranges from health juices to diet supplements.

·       Soothes sunburns

Aloe vera is rich in anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. It effectively soothes sunburns and provides a layer of moisture on the skin that retains the suppleness of skin.  Aloe is rich in minerals and anti-oxidants that speeds up the healing process.


·       Fights ageing

Aloe vera is the storehouse of Vitamin C, E and Beta Carotene. It is a wonderful anti-aging substance that lightens blemishes on skin.  According to researches, aloe vera helps in increasing body’s collagen production and enhances elasticity of skin.



·       Lightens blemishes

Due to its ability to speed up production of skin cells, aloe vera is an effective natural treatment for treating acne scars and stretch marks on skin.  Aloe vera can be added with lemon juice and helps to lighten freckles and age spots.


·       Promotes healthy hair growth

The goodness of aloe vera helps in activating new hair growth by the blood circulation on scalp.  It nourishes the hair with several important minerals and vitamins. Aloe vera is constituted of proteolytic enzymes that repairs dead skin cells on the scalp.


·       Nourishes the hair and scalp

Along with moisturizing the scalp, aloe vera also effectively conditions and softens the hair.  Regular use of aloe vera helps to restore shine and radiance of hair.  Contrary to chemical-loaded hair products, aloe vera does not leave behind nasty residue on scalp.


·       Maintains pH of the scalp

Maintaining pH level of the scalp is essential to treat hair loss problems.  The pH of the scalp is 5.5 which makes in acidic in nature.  Commercial hair products are loaded with surfactants which alter the pH level of the scalp because they are alkaline in nature. Aloe vera helps to restore the pH level of scalp by promoting healthy hair.


·       Reduces drandruff

Aloe vera is popularly used in many commercial shampoos because of its ability to treat dandruff from scalp.  Dandruff can result from a number of causes- oily scalp, an infection or accumulation of dead cells.  Aloe vera combats all these issue in one go. It eliminates dead cells from scalp that clog the hair.  Aloe vera is also rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent infection in scalp.



·       Promotes good health

Aloe vera promotes good health by reducing inflammation. One of the prime causes of inflammation is oxidative damage.  Aloe vera is rich in anti-oxidants which bind with free radicals and manages inflammation.


       Aloe vera is a plant whose versatility is to be credited for.  It imparts goodness to every part of the body, apart from skin and hair. Instead of taking shelter in commercial products that is loaded with chemicals, choose the natural way to enhance your radiance.





Our skin is being increasingly exposed to the host of chemicals and pollution outside.  Natural and organic beauty products are getting widely popular across the globe because of its wide range of benefits on the skin.  This is the perfect way of keeping the skin and hair healthy while choosing the environmental method.

 The roots of Ayurveda can be traced back to many centuries ago. It is a very old practice that has been gaining popularity in the recent times. Synthetic creams, ointments and face washes are loaded with chemicals that might not be agreeable to the skin.  Many skin irritations and allergies while using these synthetic products.  This is where organic skin care products generate a noticeable difference.


Top benefits of using natural skin care products:

·       Bye bye to skin irritation


Mainstream skin care products are composed of artificial colours and corrosive chemicals.  The daily use of such products cause sudden breakouts on the skin. On the contrary, natural skin care products are gentle on the skin. You would notice a difference the moment you apply a dab of organic cream on your face. Organic skin care products enrich your skin inside out.


·       No internal issues

              Skin care products laden with chemicals invade and degrade your blood stream.  Under such a situation of blood degradation, it is  very easy to comprehend the potential threats it poses on your skin and internal organs.  Organic skin care products are made up of the purest ingredients like turmeric, neem, tea tree oil and others.Such ingredients never rise as a danger to your health system.


·       Looks younger

The natural skin care products are the “fountain of youth” for your skin.  They restore and heal your skin and damaged skin cells.  Organic skin care would prevent acne breakouts, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines. Organic beauty products reverse the clock of aging and imparts a healthy glow to your skin.

·       No toxic smells

Do you know that beside containing corrosive ingredients, chemical skin care products also contain artificial fragrances? While this may not appear as a problem to many, you would be surprised to know that such artificial fragrances lead to nausea, migraines, sinus issues and allergies.  Organic and natural products on the other hand do not contain any synthetic or artificial fragrances.


Human body always responds better to the organic and natural elements that are used in Ayurvedic preparations.  The capability of responsing to these products by the skin is always higher. Apart from endowing us with benefits on the skin, these products are crucial in conferring mental peace. They soothe our mind and help us to get a better sleep.

So, the next time you visit the cosmetic store; do NOT forget to look for natural and organic cosmetics.  It is compatible and fits your skin without a worry. Ditch those chemical stuffed creams and let Mother Nature pamper your skin!